floodofred-homerunFlood of Red are an emerging band from Glasgow who released their debut album ‘Leaving Everything Behind’ last month. Back in 1997 they had released ‘Home Run’ and have now subsequently decided to re-release it in a form of media including digital downloads and CDs with exclusive tracks.

If any track was ideally suited to battling it out in the singles chart, then this is surely a strong contender. ‘Home Run’ starts out with resonant electronic guitar riffs chords before driving drum beat launches the song into full flow. Read more

Ian Black’s single ‘Alone’ is probably best described as ‘light pop’. The lyrics, however provide an edge to the music which means that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear such a track on the soundtrack to an episode of ‘Skins’ or any such television drama. 

Considering the track is based on the issue of being ‘alone’, it is still very upbeat and positive. This is immediately heard from the opening where the track starts in a style similar to that of McFly or Busted with a very bouncy with an engaging beat. 

The lyrics really complement the music and neither would be as effective without the other, nor would it be as pleasing on the ears themselves. 

The lyrics talk about relationships and dreams as well as being alone and also being left alone. They hint towards a traumatic type of experience, surrounding the issue of being alone which eventually draws the track to the solo voice that gradually and steadily draws back to the original template and tempo of the song. 

It could be that Ian Black is attempting to replicate aspects of life itself, that there are ups and downs but the main thing is just to get on and live through it. Whatever his message, this is a highly addictive song, which deserves to be listened to, at least once.

I think it’s time for Lady Gaga to swagger off the dance floor and make way for the next big thing. La Roux, is tipped to be one of the artists to watch on the music scene throughout 2009.

Her single ‘In for the Kill’ may read as a suitable James Bond theme tune, but is in fact a great new dance floor hit that is sure to get clubbers moving across the country.

Having listened to the single, it’s easy to see what the hype is all about. ‘In for the Kill’ has a strong pulsating, electronic beat that firstly pulls the listener in and then drags them (seductively) along at a fast pace. It encourages you to get up and dance.

The lyrics are sexy and the song bounces along at a nice steady tempo. The subtle use of rhymes and the melody make it easy to hum along to.

Despite the regular beat, the track does manage to throw a surprise; just when it appears to be coming to an end, the song switches to a slower, anthem-like style, before returning to the beat from the opening. The instrumental version is even better if you just feel like dancing till you drop!

People In Planes - Last Man StandingThings aren’t always exactly as they first appear. Sometimes you might listen to a song only to find that the music suddenly takes a totally unexpected direction. ‘People in Planes’ happily make these unusual themes commonplace in their latest single, ‘Last Man Standing’. 

‘People in Planes’ are a Cardiff band with a very unique and unfamiliar edge to much of their music. Their main track, ‘Last Man Standing’, starts with slow opening chords, before guitar riffs help to quicken the pace and get the song moving. It has a rough feel which makes it sound as though it could be an authentic radio recording from the eighties but this adds to its atmosphere. Given the limits of the lyrics, the track still proves to be a good (lead) song. Read more

Lady Gaga has been riding high in the pop charts recently having reached the prestigious number one spot last week. Her album now sits in the top-ten, at number four.

Lady Gaga’s debut album, ‘The Fame’ begins with ‘Just Dance’ which is one of her most successful tracks with a driving beat, recurring themes and lyrics that help make it very memorable.

Joanne Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga’s real name) started her musical career as a teenage writing piano ballads and playing at open mike nights. Now at the age of just 22, she has become an icon for the popular music scene.

Lady Gaga calls herself an ‘entertainer’. The music on her album shows that she has managed to produce a number of hits that are of a similar standard to her childhood idols, such as Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Read more

Lily Allen’s latest single ‘The Fear’ is a track from her forthcoming second studio album ‘It’s not me, it’s you’ which has just been released ‘The Fear’ is currently enjoying a number one slot in the singles chart.

The track has a regular and recurring melody played out on both guitar and piano. From the outset it has a dream-like and hazy quality to it as though it could have been made in the sixties rather than the present day.

Lily’s song looks at tribulations about life but through her usual jolly and relaxed manner. It speculates on whether anyone is really a saint or sinner and also whether big issues can be considered when all that matters really is your weight.

Some important topics mixed into another classic Lilly Allen number which will leave fans hungry in anticipation of the album.

The Saturdays - IssuesAt the heart of The Saturdays’ new single there is a gentle love song which deals with the sensitive topic of relationships, and sets it to a bright and summery beat with lyrics that wouldn’t feel out of place in a pop sensation like ‘High School Musical’.

The track is taken from the band’s recently released album ‘Chasing Lights’ which has been billed as a ‘sexy pop debut’ by Billboard.

Many (young) people will feel that they can relate and associate to the feelings that are voiced in ‘Issues’, a song that centers on a person who is uncertain whether they want to be with someone or not.

The female singer has a voice that enables her to easily lead the song along its musical journey. It is particularly nice how the track appears to fade in and out as though these things are likely to come around again and again throughout life.

Hue and Cry - Headin for a fall‘Hue and Cry’ returns to the music scene, for the first time since the 80s, with a song that appears to reflect the current financial situation. ‘Headin’ for a fall’ comes complete with a steady beat and rhythmical features making their sound similar in some ways to that of ‘The Scissor Sisters’.

Despite the fact that the song appears to mirror today’s politics, it was actually written several years ago. It features two male singers as well as a wide-range of instruments; from drums through to bass and trumpets.

In this context, the song is able to deal with emotions and difficult situations, such as when it feels as though the whole world is falling apart and it hits like you’ve run into a wall. The track is a raucous and fun number and watching the music video really adds to the song.

Jimmy ScreechJimmy Screech certainly has a unique sound. At times this single appears to be a dance anthem as it seems to be hitting all the right beats to get people dancing round the floor.

This is particularly true of ‘Wood 4 the Treez’ which is a great track that has both plenty of electronic and synthesized generated sounds as well as guitars. It also helps to continue the reggae tradition whose last great star was Bob Marley.

That Marley sound is very much in presence during Screech’s single. The regular recurring theme means that the piece is easily remember and it is something that is easily recognizable alongside much of the mainstream music that is currently on the scene.

The second track, ‘England’ is another cracker, but this time has a similar feel to the rhythm of The Streets songs. It opens with archive news reel, from which fades in the melody of the song.

Shortwave SetListening to the opening track of ‘The Shortwave Set’s latest single ‘ Glitches n’ Bugs’ it is immediately apparent that they have a slight melancholic, Leonard Cohen-esque edge to their sound.

Their opening track (Glitches n’ Bugs) has a heavy beat and strong vibes to produce a song that is well worth a listen. The band seems to have been influenced by some of the sounds of the seventies and there is certain nostalgia about their songs.

Their second song ‘Homesick’ is quite the opposite through the use of some electro beats and electric guitars. The song also follows on from the observations picked out in their opening track regarding the little observations in life, featuring plenty of bee buzzing. Other highlights of the single include a cover of Grace Jones ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ with further electro sounds. Read more