Does anyone else get really wound up by other people at gigs? I’ve been to 3 gigs in the last month and left 2 of them understanding how ordinary people become serial killers.

Why does anyone part with the thick end of 40 quid to go to a gig and then talk loudly to anyone within 50 metres (interested or not) about how they managed to get away with travelling first class on the train journey in to work on a standard class ticket while the band are playing. Or braying about how much money they’ve made that week through the quietest, most emotional song in the set.

A word of advice. If you hear someone leaving a gig displaying a total lack of understanding of the technical aspects of the performance, don’t tell them how much of an idiot they are; it’s not generally appreciated as constructive criticism, trust me. The problem with opinions is that everybody’s got one, like certain bodily orifices as the saying goes. Read more