Wood 4 the Treez (Jimmy Screech)

3 stars (out of 5)


Jimmy ScreechJimmy Screech certainly has a unique sound. At times this single appears to be a dance anthem as it seems to be hitting all the right beats to get people dancing round the floor.

This is particularly true of ‘Wood 4 the Treez’ which is a great track that has both plenty of electronic and synthesized generated sounds as well as guitars. It also helps to continue the reggae tradition whose last great star was Bob Marley.

That Marley sound is very much in presence during Screech’s single. The regular recurring theme means that the piece is easily remember and it is something that is easily recognizable alongside much of the mainstream music that is currently on the scene.

The second track, ‘England’ is another cracker, but this time has a similar feel to the rhythm of The Streets songs. It opens with archive news reel, from which fades in the melody of the song.

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