DorpHaving never heard of London-based indie-inspired band, DORP, before reviewing this single – I was expecting just another copycat UK band.

However, I was proven wrong straight from the push of the play button. DORP have done a brilliant job breaking the former boundaries of British rock music, with their brand new single “Rollercoaster.” Pushing the limits of what their blend of instruments can accomplish, DORP combine a collection of pop melodies, electro trances and ‘I can’t get that tune out of my head’ choruses. Read more

SaxonSaxon are a band full of very loud clichés. They’ve ‘got to rock to just to stay alive’, they ‘never surrender when their backs are against the wall’ and they just love to ‘feel your power’.

Corny? Maybe.

Spinal Tap-esque? Certainly – especially as they were one of the main influences for that famous mockumentary.

Enjoyable? Too bloody right. To coin a much-used phrase (some may call it a cliché…) – these guys ROCK! Read more

The ExitsRecently signed to Criminal Records, The Exits are a four-piece electronic indie band from Portsmouth who like to rock, well that’s the easiest way I can describe them.

Their latest record, ‘Neon City’, is a small four-track look into their talents, and believe me after hearing this you’ll be wishing there was more to listen to on this CD.

The opening track of the CD, the self-titled ‘Neon City’, does not disappoint. In fact, it’s the best song of the four. The electronic riff to open this song immediately made me think of Kasabian, and as soon as lead vocalist Ray Charlton uttered the words “Neon City”, comparisons with US rockers The Bravery sprung to mind. If you like The Bravery, you’ll definitely love this band. The track is very upbeat and I can see people dancing to it as well as singing along. This song could certainly be a hit, and it wouldn’t surprise me if ‘Neon City’ becomes a bit of an anthem this summer. Read more

Charlie Sloth – In The Spotlight/It’s Hard Being GoodFirstly, I must say that this is not my personal choice in music so when approaching this album I did so with some trepidation, although with an open mind.

Charlie Sloth is a hip-hop artist who has been making music for around 9 years. He has won awards for his videos and has been highly acclaimed by some of the most well known rappers in the U.K.

However he remains unsigned and possibly the most impressive aspect about this album is that it is entirely self produced. Read more

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arginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ align=”left” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”>I really hadn’t heard much of Elliot Minor when I received their new album, but I began listening armed with a cup of sugary tea and an open mind.

Elliot Minor, formerly The Academy, are a five piece rock band from York who first hit the music scene in 2007. All of the members are classically trained rockers, and say their sound is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. They cite their musical influences

as Jack’s Mannequin, Muse, All American Rejects and Something Corporate.

As I said before I had only really heard the band mentioned by name, so I was looking forward to hearing what all the fuss was about. Luckily, the opening track of their self titled album, ‘Time After Time’, didn’t disappoint. Read more

Black Tide - ShockwaveThere are a couple of ways you can look at this one. You can say it has every heavy metal cliché ever used thrown in and then a couple of kitchen sinks for good measure or you can say that Black Tide have blended all the classic ingredients and knocked out a classic rock song.

It’s all there, the feedback intro building up to a squall followed by a power riff and straight into the verse. A powerful voice coming in on the verse with a passable melody and a great chorus which you want to sing along to first time round. The second guitar solo does all the right things, including ending with a few bars of harmony guitars for good measure.  3 verses, 3 choruses, 3 solos and a slap ending which goes out in yet another burst of feedback – some bands don’t do that in a lifetime. Read more

Sonic HeartsJust imagine this. Guy Garvey wakes up in the morning; it’s a beautiful spring day, the sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky and, as he’s playing with the kitten, he starts to write this song.

Ok, maybe that is a bit far-fetched and they’re from Liverpool not Manchester but it does have the feel of an Elbow-style arrangement (that is a compliment) and a hint of melancholy in the vocal delivery, which is instantly identifiable as coming from Liverpool. Read more

EU politicians have voted down calls to throw suspected file-sharers off the net.  The plan to cut off persistent pirates formed part of a wide-ranging report on creative industries written for the European parliament.

However a narrow vote saw MEPs back an amendment to the report which said net bans conflicted with “civil liberties and human rights”, putting MEPs at odds with governments around the world planning tough action against pirates.

Voodoo SixMy first impression of the album when I pulled the CD out of the envelope was the cover artwork which seemed to be saying death metal, with the religious symbols, the dark backgrounds and the song titles.

The gothic melodrama of the intro to “Faith” underlines this first impression, so it was a real surprise to get into the body of the song and discover that the band are basically a good old British rock band. As I listened to the album first time round, I mentally ticked off all of the things that I like to hear: great vocals, great riffs, great twin lead guitar and great drums driving the whole thing along. Read more

The Lionheart BrothersNo doubt at all about the main attraction in Hoxton tonight – hardly anyone bothered to make their way through to the back room for either of the support bands, although both generated more than enough volume to get them noticed.

Just before the start of the Lionheart Brothers set, the room rapidly filled up and I’ve never seen so many Norwegians in one place in the UK. The headliners were playing to a crowd which were very partisan but not particularly critical. Read more