Green Day is playing dress up again! Some of you may have heard of The Network, well now there’s Foxboro Hottubs.

For those of you who don’t know, The Network is a band of mask wearing electro-punkers who sound suspiciously like Green Day. Their album Money Money 2020 was released just before Green Day’s massive album American Idiot changed so many teenagers in to red tie wearing Billie-Joe clones.

It’s no secret that Green Day’s method of writing an album is much akin to stabbing in the dark (basically they record upwards of ninety songs and see what sticks.) During that process it’s no surprise that some experimenting takes place. It’s that kind of experimentation that has lead to The Network and lately, Foxboro Hottubs. Read more

Flamboyant Bella - 2Flamboyant Bella, faves of MusicRiot and featured on two MusicRiot Presents podcasts, have announced dates for summer 2008. We highly recommend getting out to see them live.

Dates below, check out their MySpace page for more details.

22 Jul 2008 – Southend
24 Jul 2008 – Southsea
26 Jul 2008 – Southampton
28 Jul 2008 – Bristol
29 Jul 2008 – Exeter
31 Jul 2008 – Cardiff
2 Aug 2008 – Kendal
3 Aug 2008 – Liverpool
4 Aug 2008 – Bournemouth
14 Aug 2008 – Skegness
15 Aug 2008 – Cleethorpes

The first time I popped this new offering from Anglo-Greek Athena Andreadis into my stereo I was immediately confused and thought I’d left my copy of ‘Finally Woken’ by Jem in the stereo by mistake.

The opening few seconds are so entirely similar to the opening of ‘They’ by Jem I was quite surprised. While the melody to ‘They’ is of course already a lift itself, it was still enough to perplex me.

Anyway, that minor gripe aside I genuinely did come to enjoy ‘Pretty Things’. It feels like the perfect kind of song to come home from a busy day and crack open a bottle of wine to – more than that, it feels like a genuinely great summer song. [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] Read more

Pete DohertyPete Doherty has returned to the stage with his band Babyshambles for the first time after his 29 day stint in prison for drug and driving offences.

He performed with his band at The Forum in north London on Tuesday.

Doherty, 29, was released from Wormwood Scrubs last week after serving less than half of his 14-week sentence.

The singer told the crowd at the The Forum in north London that he was “a bit rusty” after his time in prison.

Eugene MachineFirst and foremost let me establish here and now I am not a connoisseur of electro/dance music. I don’t mind the odd dance on a Saturday night but it’s not the genre I exactly rush to in my local record shop.

My first impressions on Eugene Machine were not favourable. I let out a literal groan at the single artwork – yes I here you cry ’don’t judge on appearance’ – but still, part of how a band functions is their style and attitude. Hopping on the whole ’day glow colours that clash are cool’ bandwagon, the artwork mixes pink with green to glaring effect. Read more

Kate NashAnother pop star churned out by the Brit School, Kate Nash has made her name talking about how rubbish her love life is over simple melodies, and “Merry Happy” is no different. Nash uses a few simple piano keys, mixed with a whole lot of “do do doo” to come up with this, a massive step down from her smash hit “Foundations”.

“Merry Happy” is the third single released from her debut album “Made of Bricks”, following “Foundations” and “Pumpkin Soup”, but doesn’t have quite the same catchy, storytelling style. It’s more like a series of ramblings over a frankly annoying piano melody.

Nash has made her name through her distinct accent and quirky singing style, which has worked well for her so far, but unfortunately I don’t think this can carry the disappointing “Merry Happy” to chart success.