Up until now INME have always divided opinion. The band’s 4th album, “Herald Moth” is a record which reveals a band matured, one who’ve clearly shaken off the early ‘emo’ trappings of their 2003 debut. First single ‘Single Of The Weak’ is a real hybrid of sounds from early ska rhythms to + metal, ‘All Terrain Vehicle’ reveals Dave McPherson’s vocals at the top of his game, and similarly ‘The Art of Moderation’ and ‘Happy to Disappoint You’ reflects his under rating as a guitarist for the more technical progressive side, whilst ‘Nova Armada’ just about encapsulates everything the band is currently about. 

“We wanted to create lots of technical layers with an edge; to heavy, melodic tunes,” opens lead vocal/guitarist Dave McPherson. “With Daydream Anonymous we established a more mature sound and pushed our abilities as musicians. Now we’ve really stepped that up. The new album is darker, more epic and grander than we’ve ever been.”

Here is the video to ‘Single of the Weak’.

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