The Answer - On and OnThe Answer came bursting in to the mainstream two years ago and played Hyde Park Calling supporting rock gods Aerosmith. They didn’t look out of place and have gone from strength to strength with their debut album “Rise” being a huge hit selling over 100,000 worldwide.

Now they are back, on tour with AC/DC and with a new album “Everyday Demons”.The new single for this album is “On and On” and it’s a rocker!  This is a hard hitting sledge-hammer of a track that will have even the most conservative types nodding their heads and stamping their feet. Read more

MaccabeesSouth London 5-piece The Maccabees ended 2007 on a wave of praise for their “consistently excellent, willfully eccentric debut” (The Observer). “Colour It In” was hailed by NME as “The best alt.pop record of 2007. No contest” and crowned Album of The Year by Artrocker magazine.

Now the celebrated gang of musical romantics are back. They have finished work on their new album and, as a taster, are giving away a track hot from the studio. “No Kind Words” is available to download from The download is being given away as a present for patient fans eagerly anticipating the follow-up to their debut.

The celebrated five-piece play their first live dates of 2009 with two club shows in London in February and an Xfm Presents at the Barfly on 5th March prior to their headline tour. They will play London’s Electric Ballroom, their first London headline since the triumphant sold-out Roundhouse show at the end of the “Colour It In” tour in 2007. Read more

Lady Gaga has been riding high in the pop charts recently having reached the prestigious number one spot last week. Her album now sits in the top-ten, at number four.

Lady Gaga’s debut album, ‘The Fame’ begins with ‘Just Dance’ which is one of her most successful tracks with a driving beat, recurring themes and lyrics that help make it very memorable.

Joanne Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga’s real name) started her musical career as a teenage writing piano ballads and playing at open mike nights. Now at the age of just 22, she has become an icon for the popular music scene.

Lady Gaga calls herself an ‘entertainer’. The music on her album shows that she has managed to produce a number of hits that are of a similar standard to her childhood idols, such as Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Read more

Lily Allen’s latest single ‘The Fear’ is a track from her forthcoming second studio album ‘It’s not me, it’s you’ which has just been released ‘The Fear’ is currently enjoying a number one slot in the singles chart.

The track has a regular and recurring melody played out on both guitar and piano. From the outset it has a dream-like and hazy quality to it as though it could have been made in the sixties rather than the present day.

Lily’s song looks at tribulations about life but through her usual jolly and relaxed manner. It speculates on whether anyone is really a saint or sinner and also whether big issues can be considered when all that matters really is your weight.

Some important topics mixed into another classic Lilly Allen number which will leave fans hungry in anticipation of the album.

Gary GoGary Go is confirmed to support Take That on their record breaking UK tour playing to over a million people including the venue at the end of road that he grew up – Wembley Stadium.

It has to be the most enviable support slot a new artist or band could ever dream of…  To play live in front of over a million people in the space of a month, at venues like Wembley Stadium and Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium. This is about to become a reality for 24-year-old Wembley raised singer-songwriter Gary Go who has been confirmed to do just that when he joins Take That on their entire record breaking UK summer stadium tour.

It’s even crazier for Gary Go seeing that he grew up in Wembley on the road that leads to the Stadium and spent many a day with the window open hearing the huge roars from various concerts or football matches. Now he’ll be watched and heard by 72,000 people a night for four nights at the very same place. Read more

AAR - Gives You HellAfter more than a three year wait which has felt like a decade, the All-American Rejects are finally ready to release a new album. Their 2005 record, Move Along really put the boys on the map, especially due to the success of songs like It ends tonight, Dirty Little Secret and Move Along.

The new album, When The World Comes Down is to be released later this month, and the first single is Gives You Hell, a track which has already done well in America.

As a Rejects fan, I’ve been waiting to hear there new material for a while, but the opening of the new song comes as a bit of a surprise to me. It’s a slow, drum-lacking beginning, not something that has come to be expected from the American rockers. Read more

People In Planes - Last Man StandingI’ve heard a lot about People in Planes without hearing any of their music, so I was glad when this CD came through my letterbox to review. The Boys from Cardiff are fresh from supporting The Stereophonics in America and Biffy Clyro in the UK, even if they have escaped my radar so far.

Last Man Standing is their new EP, which is being released in advance of their second album Beyond the Horizon. It’s a short, three track look into their talents, which I’m sure will leave you wanting more.

The EP titled Last Man Standing is the first track, and the beginning of the song certainly got my attention. Gareth Jones vocals are a bit different and stand out, and the dark, deep background music makes you picture it’s being made from some sort of dodgy alleyway. The song really bursts into life as it progresses, with the busty chorus fuelled nicely with a busy rhythm. Read more