Cassette Electrik gig flyerAs we are fast approaching the launch of MusicRiot favourite Cassette Electrik’s latest single, we are jumping over to their official blog to find out more about the song, the gig prep, and many other things. Here is the first entry.

Much as it would be fun to say that this song was an ode to some apocalyptic zombie film I can assure you that no salivating undead types were used in the making of this song…

Instead 28 Days was written about one of those times when the actions you would like to take are, for one reason or another, not possible and as such passions build up all the more so for it. I’m coming to realise that quite a few of my songs seem to be about moment such as these – time of stasis (if I’m going to sound pretentious I may as well do it properly) when everything and nothing is possible, when possibilities are hanging in the air just out of reach and you have a feeling that if you don’t act to make something happen, the moment will probably disappear.

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Ann WestDisgustingly pop. The kind of song you can predict after the first chorus. The lyrics are so vague it’s almost painful. It’s the kind of lyrics you’d get bored of writing after you’ve written your first few songs, which leads me to believe that this artist is either very new to this game, or extremely lazy.

Vague lyrics can work well to some extent because it allows the listener to apply their own story to the words but this is so generically pop that you wonder how she has the nerve to release this as a single without printing an apology letter on the sleeve.

Her bio reads like a speech from a miss world contest. “I am an avid environmentalist who cares about our planet and all life that lives upon it.” I do wonder if she’s trying to sell an image or her music. Her band is comprised of musicians who work with the likes of Robbie Williams and Sheryl Crow and she writes her songs with an award winning song writer. You simply cannot polish a turd.

I cannot believe it took three people to write this song.

The SplendourA huge pile of CD’s landed on my desk this morning and the decision of which one to listen to first is always a shallow one. Do I go with the name I saw on a sticker at the cash point? Do I opt for the shortest one? This time I went with the one with most appealing artwork. Like the days before Napster when you’d buy CD’s based on freakish artwork in the hopes that you’d find something interesting inside. I went with cardboard sleeve sporting a picture of an overweight suited man with a hole in his face. Read more

Cassette Electrik gig flyerCassette Electrik were our very first featured artist on the “MusicRiot Presents…” podcast, and we are happy to once again be involved in bringing you a special gig as they launch their new single “28 days”.

You can get £5 entry on the day by printing off this flyer, click on it for a proper size version, or:

Buy your ticket right now!

Fri 29th August 2008@ Industry, Hoxton

Doors open 7pm, advance tickets are £5

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Cassette Electrik are going to be supported on the night by Miss Davina Lee, Looptron, DJ Adamis and Rob EY

We are going to be bringing lots more Cassette Electrik goodies in the coming days, including a review of the single, and a live review of the gig for those of you who can’t get along so you can read about what you missed, you silly, silly people!