Last Man Standing – People in Planes

4 stars (out of 5)


People In Planes - Last Man StandingThings aren’t always exactly as they first appear. Sometimes you might listen to a song only to find that the music suddenly takes a totally unexpected direction. ‘People in Planes’ happily make these unusual themes commonplace in their latest single, ‘Last Man Standing’. 

‘People in Planes’ are a Cardiff band with a very unique and unfamiliar edge to much of their music. Their main track, ‘Last Man Standing’, starts with slow opening chords, before guitar riffs help to quicken the pace and get the song moving. It has a rough feel which makes it sound as though it could be an authentic radio recording from the eighties but this adds to its atmosphere. Given the limits of the lyrics, the track still proves to be a good (lead) song.

‘Barracuda’, has a much darker and lively feel to it. The song, changes half-way through, when it takes on a much slower pace, and then goes on to its finale with beautifully recurring motifs on both guitar and kit. ‘Baked’ is a slower song which helps make it feel very emotional. It too, has a tempo change mid-way, where the track becomes quite hypnotic in its rhythms and lyrics. The song then goes into a frenzy before reaching its climax.

People in Planes are currently on tour, playing as support for ‘Funeral for a Friend’ and also headlining their own shows. The tour ends in London on 7 April.

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