Flamboyant Bella - 2MusicRiot favourites and early “MusicRiot Presents.. ” podcast featured band Flamboyant Bella are continuing their inevitable journey to the big time with a headline gig at London’s Islington Academy.

The gig on 19th February is being helped to be promoted by FB’s fanbase who are able to get free tickets by demonstrating how they have spread the word about the gig.

Check out Flamboyant Bella’s website for full details, or just get some tickets to the gig.

Chinese Democracy - GnRWith the album ‘Chinese Democracy’ welcomed to a chorus of hype-filled fans muttering to each other: “This is it?” – there’s already a black cloud looming over the single.

The question is, will this negative preconception turn out to be true or false? The answer – both. The opinion of ‘Chinese Democracy’ has been very openly announced by the country-sized fan base of Guns N’ Roses – it simply isn’t good enough for them. For every step ‘Chinese Democracy’ takes towards the Guns N’ Roses we all know and love, it takes another gigantic leap backwards toward mediocrity. Read more

myamericanheart.jpgWith the temptation to label the San Diego quartet as a country western tribute band firmly locked in the back of my cynical brain, I took ‘My American Heart’ with open ears into the highly exclusive list that is my iTunes library. It has earned it’s place there ever since.

Taken off their second studio album ‘Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather’, ‘There Are More Frightening Things…’ for me has time warped itself all the way back from 2007, and it escapes me how a band so addictive was able to slip past me. The cocaine level addiction of the riffs, singing that’ll strain your vocal chords from just hearing it, AND the talent to sound nothing like any other band cluttering up my previous music catalogue? I lap this kind of stuff up to the point that KISS would be envious. Read more

The Saturdays - IssuesAt the heart of The Saturdays’ new single there is a gentle love song which deals with the sensitive topic of relationships, and sets it to a bright and summery beat with lyrics that wouldn’t feel out of place in a pop sensation like ‘High School Musical’.

The track is taken from the band’s recently released album ‘Chasing Lights’ which has been billed as a ‘sexy pop debut’ by Billboard.

Many (young) people will feel that they can relate and associate to the feelings that are voiced in ‘Issues’, a song that centers on a person who is uncertain whether they want to be with someone or not.

The female singer has a voice that enables her to easily lead the song along its musical journey. It is particularly nice how the track appears to fade in and out as though these things are likely to come around again and again throughout life.

Hue and Cry - Headin for a fall‘Hue and Cry’ returns to the music scene, for the first time since the 80s, with a song that appears to reflect the current financial situation. ‘Headin’ for a fall’ comes complete with a steady beat and rhythmical features making their sound similar in some ways to that of ‘The Scissor Sisters’.

Despite the fact that the song appears to mirror today’s politics, it was actually written several years ago. It features two male singers as well as a wide-range of instruments; from drums through to bass and trumpets.

In this context, the song is able to deal with emotions and difficult situations, such as when it feels as though the whole world is falling apart and it hits like you’ve run into a wall. The track is a raucous and fun number and watching the music video really adds to the song.