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OasisThis week I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite bands of all time, Oasis, perform live at the Cardiff International Arena, and boy

was I not disappointed.

The Manchester rockers have

been making sweet music since 1991, and are touring the UK in the wake of their seventh studio album ‘Dig out Your Soul’ which was released earlier this month.

I have always loved Oasis’ unique sound and have wanted to see them play for ages so when the chance of a ticket came up I jumped at the chance. The atmosphere at the CIA was electric if a little crazy, and plenty of beer was being thrown over the crowds by grown men who really should have known better, but all in all there was a very excitable buzz around.

Firstly the support act American band Alberta Cross came on to cheers from the crowd. However, after a couple of pretty average songs the audience had, had enough and the chants soon turned to ‘Oasis, Oasis’ instead. Not a bad performance from the band really, but none of the songs stood out for me and I just thought they sounded like a less decent version of Kings of Leon. Read more

Viva Stereo - Roar Lion RoarViva Stereo are a four piece band, who are all from different parts of the UK. Roar Lion Roar is the third a

nd last in a trilogy of albums that the band have released in the last few years.

The opening track ‘Another Night Out’ starts with a weird techno beat, and then kicks in with the acoustic guitar. To be honest with you nothing stands out very much about the song, it even takes over a minute and a half for the singing to kick in. The lead singer has quite an ordinary voice, almost like a duller version of Blur’s front man Damon Albarn. At about three minutes it gets a bit more upbeat and rocky when the guitars start going, but unfortunately it’s just too late in the song, and I think the album needed a much stronger opening track.

The second song ‘Glass’ was pretty similar to the last, but the only difference was it had the flute/pan pipes of some kind playing in the background. I did like the lyrics in this one though which were quite sweet. Again it didn’t stir any major emotions in me, but it was quite a gentle relaxing song. Read more

It’s the sixth MusicRiot Presents podcast – and we’ve got a couple more great artists.

Have a listen, enjoy and let us know what you think.

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Download Title MusicRiot Presents… Episode 6

Kill Cassidy join us on the MusicRiot Presents podcast episode 6, and here they give us a bit of background type info!

Tell us a little bit about each of you.

Tim: My name is Tim Sensation, I have my parents to thank for that. I sing in Kill Cassidy and am half of the song-writing team.

Martino: My name is Martino. I play the guitar in Kill Cassidy and am the other half of the songwriting team. I am 6′ 4″. I like long walks, reading, European cinema, drinking till I’m drunk and talking about the universe and most of all going somewhere ordinary and listening to music that makes it feel unusual. Cat-lover, GSOH etc, etc…

What’s the story behind the name?

M: Simply put, it’s the title of a song from a long lost band, who were gigging friends a few Summers ago!! Read more

Jess Morgan entrances us on MusicRiot Presents… podcast episode 6, and so we thought it was a good idea to find a bit more about the woman behind the voice.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Now let me see… I was born and grew up in Norfolk. I’m a huge fan of the countryside and the coast which Is why i suppose, things didnt work out so well for me in London this year. I moved to the big city after graduating to try to gig as much as possible and make a name for myself.

I did play a lot of gigs and think it came to about 60 gigs from October to October. I’m a hard worker and I’m always writing wherever I go. I’ve moved back to Norwich now and intend to try to build a solid following of likeminded people whilst still keeping links with London and other regions.

How long have you been making music?

I began playing and singing at uni in York. There was a cool little open-mic night every other Thursday and eventually i did pluck up the courage to go and play a song. The support i found while I was at university was tremendous and i couldn’t imagine a better start or more supportive people to be around. Read more

Flamboyant Bella - 1We are excited to let you know the details of the late 2008 tour of MusicRiot fave Flamboyant Bella.

The group, who have featured on two MusicRiot Presents.. podcasts, kick off their tour on hometurf of Hitchin before moving around the country.

Nov 2008
22 20:00 Homecoming at Remix 14+ Hitchin
26 19:30 Academy 2 14+ Liverpool
27 19:30 King Tuts 14+ Glasgow
28 19:30 Dexters Dundee
29 19:30 Cabaret Voltaire 14+ Edinburgh
30 19:30 Academy 2 14+ Newcastle
Dec 2008
2 19:30 Fibbers York
3 19:30 Bar Academy 14+ Birmingham
4 19:30 Club Academy 14+ Manchester
5 19:30 Sugarmill 14+ Stoke
6 19:30 Rescue Rooms 14+ Nottingham
8 19:30 Arts Centre 14+ Norwich
9 19:30 Arts Centre 14+ Colchester
10 19:30 Junction 14+ Cambridge
11 19:30 Joiners 14+ Southampton
13 19:30 Academy 14+ Oxford
14 19:30 Thekla 14+ Bristol