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High Fives 2023 (14) – Steve Jenner on gig hygiene

We like to get a Northern perspective from Steve but this time he’s raising some really important issues about hygiene that apply across the country. OK, it’s not a celebration of 2023, but it’s important and without getting too political, it’s all about a general relaxation of standards and lack of enforcement. Here we go: Now, then. My High Fives list this year is a strange one. I... [Read more]

High Fives 2023 (13) – Something New

One of the many interesting things about the grass-roots scene is that new artists are constantly breaking through. We all like a bit of variety and Allan’s no exception whether it’s a new venue or a new artist. Here are some of the artists that he shot for the first time this year.  I must admit that I would get really bored if I was just photographing the same people in the same venues... [Read more]

High Fives 2023 (12) – Behind the Scenes

Here’s a few more shots from Allan with a slightly different twist this time; none of them are live performance shots. We’ll let him explain. I always like the challenge of doing something a little bit different; new artist, new venue, just change things up a bit. The shots featured below happened for a variety of reasons and the one thing they have in common is that they aren’t onstage... [Read more]

High Fives 2023 (11) – Four Strings & Six Strings

Time for a few more gig photos from Allan and there’s still some more in the pipeline. Over to Allan for a brief introduction. When I’m shooting gigs, my natural tendency is to try to get a portrait-like quality in the shots, to try to capture a moment, whether it’s animation or tranquility, that captures something of nature of the artist. Sometimes it’s an effort of will to take the... [Read more]

High Fives 2023 (10) – Creating the Opportunities

 It’s time we used the High Fives to recognise some of the people who work incredibly hard to support independent and unsigned artists. In a business where the highest levels have a “dog-eat-dog” mentality, you might be surprised to discover that at grassroots level the approach is much more cooperative and collaborative. All of the people mentioned below have collaborated with others listed... [Read more]