Amy WinehouseTroubled singer Amy Winehouse has “traces” of the lung disease emphysema her father has said.

Mitch Winehouse told BBC Radio 1 that his daughter is “responding brilliantly to treatment” and expected to recover “completely” as long as she stopped smoking.

Winehouse has now been in hospital for a week, but she is still expected to perform at Glastonbury Festival and the Nelson Mandela tribute concert this weekend.

Emphysema is caused by lung damage and can start as mild breathlessness.

Post grunge is out for Gavin Rossdale (Bush) but he just can’t let go of the random stresses and his random lyrics. His first ever solo album Wanderlust is a mix of guitar driven rock with some heavier sounds. The husband of pop icon, Gwen Stefani (No Doubt) has decided not to share the spotlight with anyone and take the music business alone.

The experimental album shows a range of Rossdale’s music tastes involving a lot of guitar and drums. The first song Can’t stop the world showed a promising start to the album and I felt obliged to tap my feet and sing along to the lyrics. Unfortunately, the heavier songs of the album weren’t to my taste. In all fairness, the second time I listened to the album I heard less of soft grunge heaviness with random stresses and heard Rossdale’s individuality. Read more

The Getaway Team - Lost All HopeWith echoes of Busted back in their heyday, towards the turn of the new millennium, The Getaway Team is one of the new bright young bands on today’s music scene who successfully manage to mix numerous genres together into a unique sound.

The Getaway Team is currently on a UK tour which runs until September, to help promote their album “Haven’t you heard”. The band formed back in 2006 and they have been writing songs together ever since. The band highlights their music as being pop punk and powerpop with a little indie thrown in, as well. Read more

After the huge success of their self-titled debut album, Elliot Minor will release single number five from their first record on June 23rd. Four smash hit singles have already seen the band become one of the breakthrough acts of 2008, with fans singing along to top tracks such as “Parallel Worlds” and “Still Figuring Out”.

Whenever bands do release a fifth single from just one record it’s never anticipated to do that well, one because it wasn’t considered good enough to be launched earlier, and secondly because many fans have already bought the album by the time a fifth single comes out. Well, “Time After Time” may buck the trend; in fact, I’d be surprised if it didn’t. Read more

Leona Ness - Heavy Like SundayShe shares her first name with one of the biggest names in music right now, and Leona Naess certainly doesn’t do her namesake any disservice with her new single “Heavy like Sunday”.

One thing for sure, Naess’ genre is a bit different to Leona Lewis’, but she has just as much talent. This track has similarities to some of Katie Melua’s work, with a chilled out, relaxing vibe.

But “Heavy like Sunday” is unique as it feels more intimate than other work by similar artists, such as Melua. The instruments are used as more of a soft backing track, rather than being used to jazz up a track which is what we see a lot these days. It does make the song feel more intimate, and as Naess is a singer-songwriter, you can understand the thought she has put in to the lyrics. The simple guitar riffs and soft percussion allow her outstanding voice to come to the fore, which works really well in this track. Read more

Sex PistolsThe Sex Pistols have wowed a crowd of more than 50,000 at the 2008 Isle of Wight Festival.

The veteran punk rockers headlined Saturday night bringing out classic hits including “Anarchy in the UK” and “God Save the Queen”.

Other bands including The Kaiser Chiefs, KT Tunstall and The Sugababes have entertained the audience, while The Police will close on Sunday.

AlkalineThis new medium paced sounding Alkaline Trio is a refreshing new version of the band; more an evolution than the sound a conscious change. It’s still very much the same band; they just seem to be exploring their influences. Still, with the band signing to a major and production values being higher than ever it’s obvious that some will utter the words ‘Sell Out’.

From the indie-rock sounds of In Vein to a folksy ¾ time signature on Live Young, Die Fast I see a band who are beginning to transgress their Punk roots. The synthesisers are starting to take over. Read more