The Rolling StonesVeteran rockers The Rolling Stones have signed an “exclusive, long-term, worldwide” record deal with music giant Universal, ending their 31 year-old relationship with EMI.

The contract covers future albums as well as their extensive back catalogue, and follows the ending of the EMI contract in March this year.

The Stones had already released a live CD in March with Universal in a one-album deal.

Thomas WhiteThomas White is better known as a vocalist from the band The Electric Soft Parade. He has released the single ‘The Runaround’ from the album ‘I dream of Black’ and contains a sound of electric indie with a 70s vibe. White who is known for his talent, his recent single has a sound of rock with a bit of quirkiness.

I pressed play and I thought the CD player had broke; it was the intro that went from quiet to loud. Personally the music took too long to kick in and the rest of the song had so many different sounds going on I was confused.

I didn’t like the sound of screechy guitars and the song did nothing for me. I think unless you like his music it won’t be to many people’s taste. The bloke has balls to produce such a quirky sound but it just doesn’t rock my cradle. After playing the song a few times I could not warm to it, but then I am only one person. I’d love to say ‘The Runaround’ is a grower but it wasn’t for me.

The SplendourFour piece indie band The Splendour, formerly known as Kingsomniac, are set to release their debut album ‘Best Way to Make Mo

ney’ next month, and trust me their first effort is a like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

Right from the first track ‘Put Me into Bed’ you can tell this band are something very special. This is pure music from the soul, very chilled out and cool, but with a very old school Beatles-esque quality. I can definitely see this song being a hit, the lead singer Justin Gourlay’s voice has an almost lazy air about it, but it really works. Read more

Brigade - Sink, Sink, Swim/StunningBrigade are a four piece rock band, who hail from London. The band have been together since 2003,

and have just released the double A side single ‘Sink, Sink, Swim’/ ‘Stunning’ from their second album ‘Come Morning We Fight.’

The first track ‘Sink, Sink, Swim’ is

not a majorly memorable song but shows the band has definite promise. The lead man Will Simpson has quite a good voice, which is not unsimilar to his brother Charlie Simpson, the singer from Busted and later Fightstar. However, the single is very similar to a lot of other bands on the music scene at the moment. I was really surprised to find out that Brigade are actually a British rock band, because I thought they sounded American. Unfortunately I think this is just a case of them trying to sound like

an American band, and this is disappointing because a British band should sound exactly that; British. Read more

Scars on Broadway - They Say singleAmerican rockers Scars on Broadway are a five piece band from LA. “They Say” is the first o

ffering from the band, and boy is it memorable. When I originally listened to the single the first thing that shot in to mind was this sounds incredibly similar to System of a Down! So you can imagine I wasn’t too shocked to find out that two of the bands members Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan used to be in SOAD.

However, after listening again I started to think that although there are definite influences by SOAD, Scars on Broadway are very much their own band. Although the track is quite heavy metal, it seems the band have gone more down the rock path, and luckily there is no crazy yelling or screaming in the song, which SOAD are famous for. Read more

Jack McManusFunky, fresh Brit pop is the only way to describe the sounds of curly haired new comer Jack McManus. The youngster has r

ecently toured with Amy MacDonald and Sam Sparro, and is set to play at V Festival in August.

The 23 year old singer songwriter from Bromley has just started out in the music business, and follows his first single ‘Bang on the Piano’ with another track from his 2008

debut album ‘Either Side of Midnight,’ named ‘You Think I Don’t Care.’ Read more

Jake Morley logoIf you haven’t listened to our latest podcast, and not checked out the featured artist Jake Morley, then hurry to check it out now!

Jake releases his debut EP this coming Friday at a gig at Monto Water Rats, Kings Cross, London – and tickets are going fast!

If you want to get tickets then go to: TicketWeb. If you just want to find out more about Jake then you can get along to his Myspace page, or join the Facebook group for this EP launch gig.

See you there!

It’s the fifth MusicRiot Presents podcast – and this time we focus on the superb young artist Jake Morley.

Have a listen, enjoy and let us know what you think.

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Boosh pic 1So where did that idea come from? I guess it makes sense to use the site for both weekend days if it’s booked for the Neil Young gig on the Sunday anyway, so why not do something completely different? This was certainly something different. The Boosh pick a whole bunch of their favourite bands to build up to the finale of the festival-headlining Boosh band and run this side by side with a comedy stage.

The line-up in the comedy area, The Velvet Onion, was a superb sample of the current British comedy scene featuring established stars Frankie Boyle and Ross Noble alongside less famous but very, very funny Paul Sinha and Mark Watson. The quality of the acts I managed to see was exceptional but, unfortunately, the stage and comedy area was too cramped for the quality of the line-up, which meant that a lot of fans weren’t able to see some of the more popular acts.

On to the main stage, Monkey Hell. Eclectic doesn’t really do justice to the line-up here. The bands playing were: Polar Bear, Robots In Disguise, White Denim, The Kills, Gary Numan, The Charlatans, Har Mar Superstar and the Boosh with DJ sets from Midfield General, Robots In Disguise, Jarvis Cocker and Peaches.

Read more

“Every day is just the same” are the words that blast my head off at the push of a play button. There’s no waiting around for this monster. It’s straight in with pounding drums and beefy guitars drenched in a hot pop punk sauce. Mmmm… I shouldn’t write when hungry, sorry. Anyway, Goldfinger are back! Not that they went away as such, they just spent so much time preaching about animal rights that the songs began to suffer. This album feels like coming home.

Their last effort Disconnection Notice was almost unlistenable. Possibly down to the fact that I’m a carnivore and therefore find it hard to sing along to songs about how evil I am. But with the return of original guitarist Charlie Paulson follows the return of everything I used to love about the band: Catchy melodies on a heavy backdrop. This steady paced album is vintage Goldfinger. It includes songs with the heaviness of Stomping Ground and their Ska roots are starting to show through again. Read more