Home Run (Flood of Red)


floodofred-homerunFlood of Red are an emerging band from Glasgow who released their debut album ‘Leaving Everything Behind’ last month. Back in 1997 they had released ‘Home Run’ and have now subsequently decided to re-release it in a form of media including digital downloads and CDs with exclusive tracks.

If any track was ideally suited to battling it out in the singles chart, then this is surely a strong contender. ‘Home Run’ starts out with resonant electronic guitar riffs chords before driving drum beat launches the song into full flow.

The lyrics work well and it has a nice popular music feel to the track. There some clear similarities in their sound to bands such as Radiohead and during softer moments, even Coldplay.

The band is not afraid to use silence as a musical force which is unusual amongst most bands in today’s society; this effect is heightened by following such sections with much louder and contrasting rhythms.

A strongly recommended single from a band that is sure to hit the big-time very soon.

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