Glitches n’ Bugs (The Shortwave Set)

4 stars (out of 5)


Shortwave SetListening to the opening track of ‘The Shortwave Set’s latest single ‘ Glitches n’ Bugs’ it is immediately apparent that they have a slight melancholic, Leonard Cohen-esque edge to their sound.

Their opening track (Glitches n’ Bugs) has a heavy beat and strong vibes to produce a song that is well worth a listen. The band seems to have been influenced by some of the sounds of the seventies and there is certain nostalgia about their songs.

Their second song ‘Homesick’ is quite the opposite through the use of some electro beats and electric guitars. The song also follows on from the observations picked out in their opening track regarding the little observations in life, featuring plenty of bee buzzing. Other highlights of the single include a cover of Grace Jones ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ with further electro sounds.

Completing the single, there are a number of remixes of the title track, none of which really match its sound but are still worth listening to. The first of the remixes (Mongolian jet set) has a very long introduction and manages to extend the song through taking it into various different directions. The last remix (Marshmallow Mike) has an extended introduction and has added further electronic sounds to the piece to extend its soundscape.

Overall the single is a pleasant addition to anyone’s musical collection and contains songs that certainly require further listening.

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