Alone – Ian Black

4 stars (out of 5)


Ian Black’s single ‘Alone’ is probably best described as ‘light pop’. The lyrics, however provide an edge to the music which means that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear such a track on the soundtrack to an episode of ‘Skins’ or any such television drama. 

Considering the track is based on the issue of being ‘alone’, it is still very upbeat and positive. This is immediately heard from the opening where the track starts in a style similar to that of McFly or Busted with a very bouncy with an engaging beat. 

The lyrics really complement the music and neither would be as effective without the other, nor would it be as pleasing on the ears themselves. 

The lyrics talk about relationships and dreams as well as being alone and also being left alone. They hint towards a traumatic type of experience, surrounding the issue of being alone which eventually draws the track to the solo voice that gradually and steadily draws back to the original template and tempo of the song. 

It could be that Ian Black is attempting to replicate aspects of life itself, that there are ups and downs but the main thing is just to get on and live through it. Whatever his message, this is a highly addictive song, which deserves to be listened to, at least once.

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