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High Fives 2017 – Allan’s Albums

This has been incredibly difficult to narrow down; these are all albums I’ve reviewed here this year. I got down to nine and then it started to get tough (and I started to worry about offending friends). So there are no apologies for having a few honourable mentions at the end of this piece. As always, in no particular order: “For All Our Sins” – Sound of the Sirens – I’ve been a fan... [Read more]

High Fives 2017 – Molly Rose (Underhill Rose)

It’s the end of the second week of High Fives and this time it’s the turn of Molly Rose who is one half of Underhill Rose, along with Eleanor Underhill. They’re good; they’re so good that when the power failed in Camden on a winter evening, they didn’t hesitate to play a candlelit, completely unplugged set at Green Note. Molly is sharing some of her favourite gigs of this year.  Katie... [Read more]

High Fives 2017 – Matt Patershuk’s Local Beer Joints

This is a perfect example of why we love this feature so much. Allan reviewed Matt’s excellent album “Same As I Ever Have Been” recently and when we gave the very prescriptive brief of ‘five of absolutely anything’, this is what he came up with. After almost two weeks (and six years), High Fives is still living up to its hard-earned reputation. Matt Patershuk Year End... [Read more]

High Fives 2017 – Allan’s Favourite Songs

I’m not sure that the term ‘single’ means anything in music terms any more. Radio professionals talk about lead tracks from albums, but I’ve got to the point where I just call them great songs. Most of the albums I hear won’t actually have a physical single released from them; it’s twelve songs on iTunes or Spotify. So I’m not picking five favourite singles, I’m picking five favourite... [Read more]

High Fives 2017 – Stocking fillers

If you want to treat yourself or someone close to you to who’s a music fan to something interesting for Christmas, then we’ve got a few ideas for you. There are books, an album and a very interesting merchandising idea. Sound of the Sirens merchandising – I love Sound of the Sirens. Abbe Martin and Hannah Wood are incredibly talented writers and performers, but there’s a lot more to it than... [Read more]