The title to Kasabian’s 3rd album (West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum) certainly has the skill to intrigue, and from a personal view, it has the music to support it. It seems that after two relatively good albums from the band and 3 years work, Kasabian have finally found their ‘niche’ with tracks such as ‘Underdog’ and ‘Fire’ catapulting the band into ‘Headline’ material.
Serge Pizzorno (guitarist) certainly comes out from the dark on this record, with a variety of different rifts that grab the audience from the moment they hear them. ‘Fast Fuse’ for example, tricks the listener into thinking a raucous hammering of a guitar will confront them when instead a quite hearty and jumpy melody follows, this emphasising how this new album not only excites but also interests the listener.
Tom Meighan’s role (lead vocals) is also elevated on this album, with his voice having to adapt to the new approach Kasabian have undergone. He pulls it off well.  On ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ Meighan really exerts a matter of feeling through his voice, bringing the track together to create a deep moving sound. Read more

When I hear a lot about a band in the music media, there’s always the niggling question of how much of is hype and scene-following and how much is about the genuine qualities of the band.  “Union” is one of those albums which sets all my alarm bells ringing.

The press release accompanying this album focuses heavily on the novel partnership between the band and HMV and the digital pre-release of the album and the single “Evacuate” earlier this year, while saying very little about the actual music, which is an interesting indicator of the content of the album. Read more