The Splendour – Best way to make money

5 stars (out of 5)


The SplendourFour piece indie band The Splendour, formerly known as Kingsomniac, are set to release their debut album ‘Best Way to Make Mo

ney’ next month, and trust me their first effort is a like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

Right from the first track ‘Put Me into Bed’ you can tell this band are something very special. This is pure music from the soul, very chilled out and cool, but with a very old school Beatles-esque quality. I can definitely see this song being a hit, the lead singer Justin Gourlay’s voice has an almost lazy air about it, but it really works.

Track four, the breath taking ‘Audio’ has already been

a hit for the boys, and it’s easy to see why. It echoes the style of fellow indie rockers Franz Ferdinand, but this song is as original as they come. The chorus is extremely catchy, and this is one of those tracks you could play over and over again without getting sick of. Already it’s becoming apparent that this foursome can write superb lyrics like the best of them, as seen in the equally fabulous ‘Language of a Lady’ in the form of “You tell me to f*ck myself, use the language of a lady now, but the way you spoke conveyed it well, I hand it to you love you showed me how.”

A surprising favourite for me was ‘Missus’ sung only by Gourlay. Although this song may not bode as much action as others on the album, this is definitely one for the lovers. This is a sweet tune, which shows the gentler side of the Gourlay’s voice, similar to that of Coldplay crooner Chris Martin. It may be very different to the other tracks and a lot slower paced, but I found this a breath of fresh air which shows great variation on the bands part, which can’t be a bad thing.

My tracks to skip would be latest single ‘Money’ which was just too wacky for me, with its wierd Flash Gordon ‘ahhing’ in the middle of the song, and the orchestral band of trumpets sounded a bit out of place too, but at least it is different so they can’t be accused

of being too samey all the time, I guess! Also I wasn’t too keen on track ten ‘Deli’ which just didn’t do anything for me, but that said it wasn’t particularly horrible, just not to my taste.

The songs I couldn’t get enough of were ‘Language of a Lady,’ ‘Audio,’ the beautiful ‘Missus,’ and the rocking ‘Saturday Night.’ All in all I would say this is a fantastic first album, and the boys have done themselves proud. As I said before there really are no bad songs, but there are definitely a few gems hidden in there which are guaranteed hits for the band. The Splendour definitely stay true to their indie roots, but I feel that they have a bit of sparkle which makes them unique. They have been compared to the Kaiser Chiefs in the past, but I think The Splendour definitely have the talent and the determination to make gain a reputation all of their own. The Splendour’s album equals splendid stuff indeed.

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