Jack McManus – You Think I Don’t Care

3 stars (out of 5)


Jack McManusFunky, fresh Brit pop is the only way to describe the sounds of curly haired new comer Jack McManus. The youngster has r

ecently toured with Amy MacDonald and Sam Sparro, and is set to play at V Festival in August.

The 23 year old singer songwriter from Bromley has just started out in the music business, and follows his first single ‘Bang on the Piano’ with another track from his 2008

debut album ‘Either Side of Midnight,’ named ‘You Think I Don’t Care.’

I have to say the second effort from the Kent born talent is not one to be sniffed at. Jack says he grew up listening to music greats Elton John and Billy Joel, and these influences show in his music, but Jack has most definitely developed his own unique style. ‘You Think I Don’t care’ is an easy listening upbeat pop song with a tiny hint of rock for good measure. The use of Jack playing his piano is a nice touch, and the guy really does have some good lyrics.

The single may not be ground breaking material but it is nice, catchy, radio pop. I would describe him as a singer with the catchiness of Mika, but the voice of Chris Martin. I think it bodes well for Jack that he actually sounds like a true British singer who isn’t trying to

be American like so many artists these days, and I would imagine he would be a great act to see live as well, as his music can’t help but make you feel happy. ‘You Think I Don’t Care’ could be viewed as cheesy pop by some, but I think Jack just manages to pull it off.

All in all ‘You Think I Don’t Care’ is not a bad single at all, and although it may not be my usual cup of tea, I would definitely listen to the rest of the album to see what else Jack can offer. I suspect he will be popular with people of all ages, particularly the female crowd, and it won’t be long until Jack gains a real following in the music scene. He may be described as a young Elton but I think Jack won’t be following in anyone’s footsteps but his own.

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