Thomas WhiteThomas White is better known as a vocalist from the band The Electric Soft Parade. He has released the single ‘The Runaround’ from the album ‘I dream of Black’ and contains a sound of electric indie with a 70s vibe. White who is known for his talent, his recent single has a sound of rock with a bit of quirkiness.

I pressed play and I thought the CD player had broke; it was the intro that went from quiet to loud. Personally the music took too long to kick in and the rest of the song had so many different sounds going on I was confused.

I didn’t like the sound of screechy guitars and the song did nothing for me. I think unless you like his music it won’t be to many people’s taste. The bloke has balls to produce such a quirky sound but it just doesn’t rock my cradle. After playing the song a few times I could not warm to it, but then I am only one person. I’d love to say ‘The Runaround’ is a grower but it wasn’t for me.

Post grunge is out for Gavin Rossdale (Bush) but he just can’t let go of the random stresses and his random lyrics. His first ever solo album Wanderlust is a mix of guitar driven rock with some heavier sounds. The husband of pop icon, Gwen Stefani (No Doubt) has decided not to share the spotlight with anyone and take the music business alone.

The experimental album shows a range of Rossdale’s music tastes involving a lot of guitar and drums. The first song Can’t stop the world showed a promising start to the album and I felt obliged to tap my feet and sing along to the lyrics. Unfortunately, the heavier songs of the album weren’t to my taste. In all fairness, the second time I listened to the album I heard less of soft grunge heaviness with random stresses and heard Rossdale’s individuality. Read more