Scars on Broadway – They Say

4 stars (out of 5)


Scars on Broadway - They Say singleAmerican rockers Scars on Broadway are a five piece band from LA. “They Say” is the first o

ffering from the band, and boy is it memorable. When I originally listened to the single the first thing that shot in to mind was this sounds incredibly similar to System of a Down! So you can imagine I wasn’t too shocked to find out that two of the bands members Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan used to be in SOAD.

However, after listening again I started to think that although there are definite influences by SOAD, Scars on Broadway are very much their own band. Although the track is quite heavy metal, it seems the band have gone more down the rock path, and luckily there is no crazy yelling or screaming in the song, which SOAD are famous for.

Lead singer Daron has an incredible voice, which reminded me a bit of Placebo’s lead man Brian Molko. The song seemed to have undertones of a political message, and the lyrics were fairly similar to the style of fellow rock band Greenday. Perhaps Malakian and Dolmayan decided to tone things down a bit, so more people will like them, but thankfully they still stay true to their metal roots, and this single really is quite decent.

The lyrics “Let’s f*ck the world with all its trends, thank god it’s all about to end,” may not be the most cheerful but Scars on Broadway know their kind of audience, and know what will get them fired up. I would imagine this

song would have a pretty cool and unusual video, which gets played all the time on Kerrang, but don’t quote me on that.

This single is not something I would usually listen to, but it surprised me that I actually quite liked it and the chorus got stuck in my head all night long. It also made me

laugh that the ‘explicit version’ of the song just had the word ‘f*ck’ in, and the ‘clean’ one had it blanked out – so much cleaner!

Scars on Broadway have already exceeded my expectations, and I think many others will like their explicit lyrics and electric style. They may be of a certain taste, but this debut single will guarantee to knock your socks off.

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