Goldfinger – Hello Destiny

5 stars (out of 5)


“Every day is just the same” are the words that blast my head off at the push of a play button. There’s no waiting around for this monster. It’s straight in with pounding drums and beefy guitars drenched in a hot pop punk sauce. Mmmm… I shouldn’t write when hungry, sorry. Anyway, Goldfinger are back! Not that they went away as such, they just spent so much time preaching about animal rights that the songs began to suffer. This album feels like coming home.

Their last effort Disconnection Notice was almost unlistenable. Possibly down to the fact that I’m a carnivore and therefore find it hard to sing along to songs about how evil I am. But with the return of original guitarist Charlie Paulson follows the return of everything I used to love about the band: Catchy melodies on a heavy backdrop. This steady paced album is vintage Goldfinger. It includes songs with the heaviness of Stomping Ground and their Ska roots are starting to show through again.

The album cover resembles their self titled album, perhaps suggesting a new beginning for the band? They definitely seem to be on top form. Vocalist John Feldman has clearly been busy producing other bands because this album has about as many featured artists as a Gwen Stefani album. Bert McCracken, Ian Watkins, Monique Powell; even his son Julian has a part. While we’re on the subject of his son there’s a bonus track at the end of the album which is a lullaby for his son. Anyone who has a friend with kids knows how insufferable they can be when they insist on talking about them constantly; and then become annoyed when you clearly don’t care. This “bonus” does exactly that. It’s incredibly cheesy and I wish it had been kept private.

Highlights would have to be the no bullshit opener ‘One More Time’, The highly pleasant summery anthem ‘The Only One’ and “We Are Not Amused”, the token hardcore track sporting vocals from Charlie Paulson and a chant Bad Religion would be proud of.

I’d recommend this album to any fans of punk, ska or any extremely catchy, upbeat music.

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