Leona Naess – “Heavy like Sunday” single review

3 stars (out of 5)


Leona Ness - Heavy Like SundayShe shares her first name with one of the biggest names in music right now, and Leona Naess certainly doesn’t do her namesake any disservice with her new single “Heavy like Sunday”.

One thing for sure, Naess’ genre is a bit different to Leona Lewis’, but she has just as much talent. This track has similarities to some of Katie Melua’s work, with a chilled out, relaxing vibe.

But “Heavy like Sunday” is unique as it feels more intimate than other work by similar artists, such as Melua. The instruments are used as more of a soft backing track, rather than being used to jazz up a track which is what we see a lot these days. It does make the song feel more intimate, and as Naess is a singer-songwriter, you can understand the thought she has put in to the lyrics. The simple guitar riffs and soft percussion allow her outstanding voice to come to the fore, which works really well in this track.

It’s very down-to-earth and relaxing but I also like the way the pace increases after the first chorus, a change of speed certainly worked here. Casual unique riffs also compliment the back drop of the sound and it’s nice to see that the song doesn’t stay the same the whole way through.

If I’m honest, this isn’t the sort of music I enjoy, but I can appreciate that this song will do well and be listened to by many. It’s a good track, with a catchy chorus and simple instrumentals. With a new album, “Thirteens”, to follow, we may well be hearing a lot more from Leona Naess in the not to distant future.

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