The Getaway Team, “Lost All Hope”

4 stars (out of 5)


The Getaway Team - Lost All HopeWith echoes of Busted back in their heyday, towards the turn of the new millennium, The Getaway Team is one of the new bright young bands on today’s music scene who successfully manage to mix numerous genres together into a unique sound.

The Getaway Team is currently on a UK tour which runs until September, to help promote their album “Haven’t you heard”. The band formed back in 2006 and they have been writing songs together ever since. The band highlights their music as being pop punk and powerpop with a little indie thrown in, as well.

“Lost all hope” is their recent single which comprises of several great crowd-pleasing songs from a band that appear to be set to develop into the likes of The Scissor Sisters or the antics of The Darkness in the future. Tracks of particular interest include the opening number “I Regrets” that has an enthusiastic drum beat and driving energy throughout.

Listening to the band’s music in the heat of the spring sunshine energized me in a way that most music can’t. All the songs on the single are strong especially, “Lost all hope” which is clearly the strongest of the five and could surely become a popular anthem for students everywhere. Most of the music is very lively, although there are some quieter and more though-provoking elements to some of their songs.

The male group features five instrumentalists, four of whom also provide the vocals. They describe their recent gigs as being an “exciting, adrenaline-fueled live show” and this is certainly the impression of the band that you get when listening to their music. The five youngsters clearly enjoy being creative and this is reflected in the introduction to their Myspace site, “here to write music and have the time of our lives!”
From the music I’ve heard of the band, it seems that you shouldn’t miss the chance to catch them whilst on tour.

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