Elliot Minor – “Time After Time” single review

4 stars (out of 5)


After the huge success of their self-titled debut album, Elliot Minor will release single number five from their first record on June 23rd. Four smash hit singles have already seen the band become one of the breakthrough acts of 2008, with fans singing along to top tracks such as “Parallel Worlds” and “Still Figuring Out”.

Whenever bands do release a fifth single from just one record it’s never anticipated to do that well, one because it wasn’t considered good enough to be launched earlier, and secondly because many fans have already bought the album by the time a fifth single comes out. Well, “Time After Time” may buck the trend; in fact, I’d be surprised if it didn’t.

All of the band members from Elliot Minor are classically trained, and they really showcase their skills with this song. They’re talented musicians, not just another boy band. Their sound is quite unique and this track in particular has a piano-infused hard rock feel, but is still very catchy and not as in your face as similar music out at the moment.

Lead singer Alex Davies’ voice fits nicely with the song, and the chorus especially is very catchy and upbeat which is sure to please the Elliot Minor faithful. They’re a feel-good pop rock band, but because they’re classical musicians as well they’ve certainly got something different about them, which is meant as a compliment.

The single comes with the full track and also a second instrumental track, which is the full song without any of the vocals. This is a great bonus, and definitely worth a listen, as the instrumental version really showcases their musical talent.

I think “Time After Time” will do reasonably well, but would have done much better if it had been released earlier. For me it’s the best song the band has produced to date, and I’m sure after hearing the song fans will be playing it time after time.

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