stonegods_startofsomethingEach and every day I exist on this planet, my musical scepticism is being slowly whittled away by bands who I have never heard of showing me that there is reason to have faith in newly released music; Stone Gods are one of those bands. There I was, slipping the CD into my stereo ready for another Guns N’ Roses disappointment, and before I know it my socks are clear across the other side of the room and my brain is leaking out of my right ear.

The single “Start Of Something” off their latest album “Silver Spoons and Broken Bones” consists of one truly inspiring classic rock and roll track (“Start Of Something”) and three classic rock and roll tracks with an acoustic tang oozing out of every strum (“Don’t Drink The Water”, “Things Could Be Worse”, and “Where You Comin’ From?”); this four track CD alone has already out played 90 percent of albums currently topping the charts for me. My favourite was definitely “Don’t Drink the Water”, plenty of sweet, meaty acoustic goodness, and even better was totally unrelated to The Dave Matthews Band. Read more

WARNING: Audioslave and Soundgarden fans should head for the door as soon as possible, because this is not going to be what you’re expecting. ‘Part Of Me’ is a dream pop/R&B single off Chris Cornell’s new album ‘SCREAM’’, co-recorded with record producer turned clothing designer Timothy ‘Timbaland’ Mosley. I’ll just wait a moment for the aforementioned fans to leave…

What I am not so subtly saying here is that Chris has taken a huge leap of faith on this single, and indeed the album as a whole. Let’s get one thing straight though, first of all the vocals in this single are absolutely terrific, harmonic yet powerful – true Chris calibre stuff. The lyrics however… not so much, in fact make that everything else, not so much. Some of the world’s greatest artists have jumped ship from one genre to another and been welcomed with open arms, but few have ever had the fan base and respect that Chris Cornell had prior to this single. Read more

Chinese Democracy - GnRWith the album ‘Chinese Democracy’ welcomed to a chorus of hype-filled fans muttering to each other: “This is it?” – there’s already a black cloud looming over the single.

The question is, will this negative preconception turn out to be true or false? The answer – both. The opinion of ‘Chinese Democracy’ has been very openly announced by the country-sized fan base of Guns N’ Roses – it simply isn’t good enough for them. For every step ‘Chinese Democracy’ takes towards the Guns N’ Roses we all know and love, it takes another gigantic leap backwards toward mediocrity. Read more

myamericanheart.jpgWith the temptation to label the San Diego quartet as a country western tribute band firmly locked in the back of my cynical brain, I took ‘My American Heart’ with open ears into the highly exclusive list that is my iTunes library. It has earned it’s place there ever since.

Taken off their second studio album ‘Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather’, ‘There Are More Frightening Things…’ for me has time warped itself all the way back from 2007, and it escapes me how a band so addictive was able to slip past me. The cocaine level addiction of the riffs, singing that’ll strain your vocal chords from just hearing it, AND the talent to sound nothing like any other band cluttering up my previous music catalogue? I lap this kind of stuff up to the point that KISS would be envious. Read more

People in PlanesThe five piece indie rock band People In Planes made their annual venture home to Cardiff to a packed out ‘Clwb Ifor Bach’ (also known as ‘The Welsh Club’). Being fresh off their United States tour with Stereophonics, and with a sold out Biffy Clyro UK tour still to come this December, I was ready to be blown away by the popular posse from Porthcawl.

However, my enthusiasm was tragically quashed by an enamel peeling three hour wait for the main event to begin. Granted, there were two support acts (‘Walker’ and ‘Starsnostars’, both also hailing from Porthcawl), but that’s exactly my point – there should not have been two support acts, especially given that there was an hour’s gap of nursing my Bulmers depressingly in the corner in between the two support acts half hour sets.

That organisational gripe aside though, once People In Planes took to the stage, I immediately forgave them for the past three sweaty hours. Read more

Scars On Broadway – AlbumSo it’s been a while now since both Hypnotize and Mezmerize were released and System Of A Down went on hiatus. Since then there has been tons of rumours that they have actually split up and will never get back together. This is totally false as they’re just taking the time right now to do what they want and go off and do their own things for a little while.

Serj Tankian came out with the highly acclaimed album Elect The Dead last year, which proved that he could do very well off on his own, and even landed some major dates in the UK, including his outstanding performance at the Download Festival this past June.

Since then there has been much talk about Daron and John’s solo project after SOAD, and there has been much speculation to whether Daron could pull out from being a back up vocalist to lead. Well the time has come and the name to add to the faces now is Scars On Broadway, which takes a great leap away from the traditional System of a Down we have come to love and drool over. Read more

DorpHaving never heard of London-based indie-inspired band, DORP, before reviewing this single – I was expecting just another copycat UK band.

However, I was proven wrong straight from the push of the play button. DORP have done a brilliant job breaking the former boundaries of British rock music, with their brand new single “Rollercoaster.” Pushing the limits of what their blend of instruments can accomplish, DORP combine a collection of pop melodies, electro trances and ‘I can’t get that tune out of my head’ choruses. Read more