My American Heart – There Are More Frightening Things…

5 stars (out of 5)


myamericanheart.jpgWith the temptation to label the San Diego quartet as a country western tribute band firmly locked in the back of my cynical brain, I took ‘My American Heart’ with open ears into the highly exclusive list that is my iTunes library. It has earned it’s place there ever since.

Taken off their second studio album ‘Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather’, ‘There Are More Frightening Things…’ for me has time warped itself all the way back from 2007, and it escapes me how a band so addictive was able to slip past me. The cocaine level addiction of the riffs, singing that’ll strain your vocal chords from just hearing it, AND the talent to sound nothing like any other band cluttering up my previous music catalogue? I lap this kind of stuff up to the point that KISS would be envious.

Straight from the get go it’s obvious this single is not about political views, or some irrelevant event within the bands life, it’s about having as much fun as you can while listening to it. Head banging, foot tapping, moshing – whatever your cup of tea, it’s for everyone who loves rock music as a whole.

Keep in mind, these compliments which are nearly seeping out of my pores, are all for a band which three days ago I’d never heard of, and now sit amongst my top ten played songs of all time according to iTunes. ‘My American Heart’ have poured some truly tremendous effort into standing on a leg of their own, as well as creating a unique and enjoyable sound that’ll suck you in like a nuclear powered Dyson.

‘There Are More Frightening Things…’ is without a shadow, of a shadow of a doubt a prime example of rock music: fun to listen to, impossible to get out of your head. It gave me a fresh new experience into the entire genre, and the band as a whole definitely has not been given the praise which they so richly deserves. So right now, I’m going to begin to make up for this injustice, but proudly marking it as my first ever 5 out of 5 single score – totally fantastic.

Keep an eye out for their brand new album coming in late 2009.

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