DORP – “Rollercoaster” single review

3 stars (out of 5)


DorpHaving never heard of London-based indie-inspired band, DORP, before reviewing this single – I was expecting just another copycat UK band.

However, I was proven wrong straight from the push of the play button. DORP have done a brilliant job breaking the former boundaries of British rock music, with their brand new single “Rollercoaster.” Pushing the limits of what their blend of instruments can accomplish, DORP combine a collection of pop melodies, electro trances and ‘I can’t get that tune out of my head’ choruses.

The band members varied upbringings and backgrounds (ranging from Cape Town to Paris) have, without a doubt, been a tremendous influence in forming their uniquely branded alternative sound. Even if slightly Placebo-esque, “Rollercoaster” continues to raise the bar of what British ingenuity can do, creating a world where synthesizers and rock harmonics live side-by-side. This makes for a truly addictive single, almost subconsciously making you hit replay over and over… and over.

Taking cheap shots at our brand-loving, high caffeine-fuelled culture does seem to be the new trend these days though, which tragically lessens the experience and underlying meaning behind “Rollercoaster.” While the sound out of the speakers is captivating, the lyrics are cheapened by the knowledge that hundreds of bands beat them to the purpose. This is a real shame as it shows that a blend of fantastic new ingredients does not always cause a fresh taste sensation.

DORP is definitely a band with tremendous potential, and “Rollercoaster” proves to the world they have what it takes to capture an audience and leave them wanting more. I guess only time will tell if they can evolve past the ‘trend of the moment’ style, and expand to a world and meaning of their own.

DORP’s up-coming debut album “Human’s Being” is set to be released this Summer.

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