Stone Gods – Start of Something EP

5 stars (out of 5)


stonegods_startofsomethingEach and every day I exist on this planet, my musical scepticism is being slowly whittled away by bands who I have never heard of showing me that there is reason to have faith in newly released music; Stone Gods are one of those bands. There I was, slipping the CD into my stereo ready for another Guns N’ Roses disappointment, and before I know it my socks are clear across the other side of the room and my brain is leaking out of my right ear.

The single “Start Of Something” off their latest album “Silver Spoons and Broken Bones” consists of one truly inspiring classic rock and roll track (“Start Of Something”) and three classic rock and roll tracks with an acoustic tang oozing out of every strum (“Don’t Drink The Water”, “Things Could Be Worse”, and “Where You Comin’ From?”); this four track CD alone has already out played 90 percent of albums currently topping the charts for me. My favourite was definitely “Don’t Drink the Water”, plenty of sweet, meaty acoustic goodness, and even better was totally unrelated to The Dave Matthews Band.

Don’t let that lead you to believe that the other four are somehow any less though, each and every song has the same key feature which has helped this single find its way onto my iPod’s top three played single CDs; rock. So few bands write music like this anymore, I in fact loved the CD so much that I just had to head over to Wikipedia to find out their other stuff. As it turns out, this entire band is made up of MEMBERS OF “THE DARKNESS”?! I couldn’t believe my eyes, I even went as far as to assume someone had deliberately edited their Wiki page just to screw with me, but no, it’s TRUE! So I am assuming that by reading this you may already know this (or if you didn’t, you do now), so let me lay it our straight and say Stone Gods are nothing like The Darkness; they are so much better.

I’ve never felt so happy yet so hyper when listening to a band I’ve never know before, if you’ve never heard of them before then I would highly recommend you stop reading this right now, and go to YouTube to see if you agree with the following paragraph… Seriously…

This single has earned its 5 starts proudly, I don’t expect to fall in love with a band this quickly again for at least another year, these talents are a rarity in today’s age. Enthusiastic, in your face rock is what Stone Gods are about, and I applaud them for this entire single, no possible description I give can possibly do this justice. Go now, go listen to them in any way that you can, and you will understand exactly what I mean. I’m sorry Justin, but your services will no longer be required.

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