Shockwave – Black Tide single review

4 stars (out of 5)


Black Tide - ShockwaveThere are a couple of ways you can look at this one. You can say it has every heavy metal cliché ever used thrown in and then a couple of kitchen sinks for good measure or you can say that Black Tide have blended all the classic ingredients and knocked out a classic rock song.

It’s all there, the feedback intro building up to a squall followed by a power riff and straight into the verse. A powerful voice coming in on the verse with a passable melody and a great chorus which you want to sing along to first time round. The second guitar solo does all the right things, including ending with a few bars of harmony guitars for good measure.  3 verses, 3 choruses, 3 solos and a slap ending which goes out in yet another burst of feedback – some bands don’t do that in a lifetime.

What’s even more amazing is that all of the band are still in their teens and have been playing together for years. There’s nothing out of place here and like virtually all rock this must sound even better played live at very high volume. Whether you like the genre or not, this is a great example of how to do the classic rock single in just over 3 minutes 30 seconds – if you want anything else you’re just being picky.

One tiny criticism, though. Listening to “Clean” radio edit first, it’s really obvious what word has been missed out and, sure enough, there it is on the explicit version. It’s not really necessary and it doesn’t add anything, though it might make teenage boys feel a little bit naughty and street. They’re still young, they’ll learn. Shame though, because it could have been 5 out of 5 if not for the little gratuitous, rebellious naughty word.

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