The Exits – Neon City EP review

4 stars (out of 5)


The ExitsRecently signed to Criminal Records, The Exits are a four-piece electronic indie band from Portsmouth who like to rock, well that’s the easiest way I can describe them.

Their latest record, ‘Neon City’, is a small four-track look into their talents, and believe me after hearing this you’ll be wishing there was more to listen to on this CD.

The opening track of the CD, the self-titled ‘Neon City’, does not disappoint. In fact, it’s the best song of the four. The electronic riff to open this song immediately made me think of Kasabian, and as soon as lead vocalist Ray Charlton uttered the words “Neon City”, comparisons with US rockers The Bravery sprung to mind. If you like The Bravery, you’ll definitely love this band. The track is very upbeat and I can see people dancing to it as well as singing along. This song could certainly be a hit, and it wouldn’t surprise me if ‘Neon City’ becomes a bit of an anthem this summer.

‘You Gotta Help Me Out’ certainly continues the bands’ style of energetic electronic music. This track also opens with a bit of electronica, which works well to lead into the song. It’s again very upbeat and fast-paced, which makes me think that The Exits would excel when playing live. The band does show some diversity with this track, they show they can vary their pace. The fast-paced rhythm is slowed down at times and it acts as a platform for them to burst back into the song. Lead singer Charlton is in his element and really imposes himself on this track.

The Exits are certainly a feel good band, and ‘Three Minute Warning’ continues the trend. This track is very Kasabian-esque. It isn’t as in your face as ‘Neon City’ and ‘You Gotta Help Me Out’, but still works nicely with punchy electrics and tight drumming from sticks man Tom Poulton. Something I have noticed with these tracks is there isn’t that much singing, it’s almost as if The Exits don’t want to spoil the sound of their music with a mass influx of vocals. Instead, and especially in ‘Three Minute Warning’, it’s the instruments and the rhythm which take centre stage, so maybe a dance electronic indie band would be a more appropriate fitting.

‘Fever’ is the final track on the CD, but unfortunately it didn’t get me all hot and bothered. It may be that because I’ve heard the previous tracks, this one sounds a bit the same. It’s still a good song, with the usual energetic electronic indie from the band, but I think in the future it would be interesting to see them attempt something a bit different. Maybe on a CD with more tracks, The Exits would show their diversity, to set them out from the rest.

Overall, this CD is definitely worth a listen. They certainly have a future in music, and if The Exits keep producing music like this, it won’t be long until they enter the big time.


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  1. maha says:

    Hey was just googling our gigging pals, The Exits and just came across this review. You really got this spot on! We were really chuffed when they came onto Criminal. Really exciting stuff I love Neon City I’m sure they will do really well!

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