“Strangers May Kiss” EP – Coco Morier

3 stars (out of 5)


Product DetailsThis 5 track EP from LA based guitarist and song writer for the stars (Britney, Tom Jones!) is a tasty tidbit of slightly wonky pop. From the low-slung, rattling funk of lead track “Explosions” to the sixties dream pop of the second track “Ambulance” (“Ambulance” video clip), Coco Morier is someone who immediately intrigues and impresses with her subtle genre-shifting and seductive, slightly sad voice. The overall sound could be categorised as Niki and the Dove but less so; no bad thing!

The song-writing is top quality as is the European influenced, predominantly minimal-electro production which avoids sounding like the Guetta ‘in the club’ garbage that been polluting the charts for bloody ages. Don’t worry; Flo-Rida doesn’t pop up with his Whistle. The final track “Hallucination” is a bare and very lovely synth mid tempo song and is where Coco Morier shines brightest here with her defeated, breathless vocals perfectly realised. I doubt very much whether even Alison Goldfrapp or Kylie, two artists I could imagine singing this, could dominate the track as much as Morier herself does.  Bring on the album and no 3 years wait please!

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