Don’t you just love it when something really good appears complete unexpectedly; you go to a gig and see a really good support band or someone shares a song on Facebook, you listen to it and it’s brilliant. Well it’s just happened today; credit where it’s due, this was shared by Mal Crawford (cheers Mal) and it’s a superb song written and performed by Nicola Hardman and several incarnations of Dan Barker.

The song opens with layers of strummed and picked acoustic guitars backing Nicola’s restrained vocal and builds up by adding bass, drums and electric guitar and (towards the end of the song) multiple layers of Nicola’s voice to create a Spectoresque wall of sound that you just can’t ignore. Don’t take my word for it, have a look at this:

And before the big production, it still sounded good like this:

Now that’s a pretty good way to start your holiday weekend, isn’t it?