Yeti Love TitleWell, this is certainly a change of pace from their last single “Lonely Road”. The song opens with some gently strummed guitar, followed by understated drums and bass before the vocal comes in. The lyrics are in the classic singer/songwriter doomed relationship style which the laconic vocal delivery and close-miking weave into a powerfully emotional and melancholy performance. The cello-like guitar in the second half of the song acts as a counterpoint to the vocal, balancing the over-driven and ornate electric sound with the simple and plaintive voice. There’s nothing over-complicated or flashy here, just a good song performed well.

“Deep” is released on September 7, with the album “Yeti Love” following on September 21.

How about something interesting to kick off your weekend? We’ve featured acoustic duos in the last few months from Devon and the USA, so how about one from Croydon? Yeti Love are Pete Hamilton (former drummer, now guitarist and singer) and Dave Sears (guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and singer). As a drummer with a Galician heritage, Pete has a very rhythmic approach to his guitar playing which interleaves nicely with Dave’s style. His voice has tinges of seventies prog (think Gabriel-era Genesis) and the finished article, “Lonely Road” is folky, punchy and melodic. If you happen to be hung up on genre definitions, Pete and Dave describe themselves as ‘alt-rogue-folk-rock’.

As for the video; well it’s animated, a bit trippy and, well, see for yourself:

“Lonely Road” is released on June 15.