It’s always good to review a debut single by a genuine talent. Even in this world of social media overload, Kat as a singer-songwriter is still a fairly well-kept secret (although we did feature her as an up-and-coming talent last year). She’s been doing a few gigs around north London (including a sold-out headline gig at The Camden Chapel nearly a year ago) as she’s been developing songs and preparing for her big launch. The good news is that the big launch is imminent. Here’s a bit of background for you.

Kat’s built a career as a journalist, actor and presenter on London Greek Radio and she’s now exploring the world of songwriting. The great news is that the songs are strong melodically and lyrically and Kat’s voice is striking and powerful. The songs come mainly from a difficult period in Kat’s life, as so many great songs do, although there’s no self-pity on display; Kat’s made of much stronger stuff and she’s coming out fighting. The upcoming EP, featuring this debut single ‘Liar Liar’, is ‘Warrior Heart’, which should give you a clue.

‘Liar Liar’ is uncompromising; it’s a woman taking control of a bad relationship and pressing the delete key; no regrets, no backward looks. Musically, Kat’s been compared to Avril Lavigne, but you could go back further to Pat Benatar and maybe Heart for the raunchy rock arrangement, empowering lyrics and powerhouse vocal.

We’ll share a link to the video when it’s released on Friday; until then, here’s a still from the video shoot:

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And, if you’re in London you can still get tickets for the ‘Liar Liar’ single launch at Piano Smithfield on Wednesday September 28th. Here’s a link to presave the single.