The Floating Bridges TitleNow this is the kind of tune you want to be starting the weekend with, preferably chilling out in the sun with a cold one. The Floating Bridges are from Queensland and they’re a reggae-rock crossover with the emphasis on the rock; the guitars and vocals are very much rock, while there’s a bit of emphasis on the off beat, but not more than you would hear in a lot of mainstream radio songs. The clipped and punchy rhythm guitar and the wah-wahing lead fuse the two styles perfectly to lay down a backing for Cale Fisher’s rasping delivery of a deliciously catchy melody. This is the kind of tune that’s the soundtrack for a perfect summer’s day.

The very Australian dreamcatcher theme is echoed in the video, a surreal woodland combination of “Alice in Wonderland” and a dreadlocked Artful Dodger, but don’t just take my word for it, have a look for yourself:

Welcome to the weekend.