“Moonlight” – Lilygun

4 stars (out of 5)


OK, I’ll start with the facts.  “Moonlight” is the second single from the upcoming debut Lilygun album and it’s out this week.  The band, fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist Anna-Christina, has been building up a loyal following on the London live circuit and it sounds like they’re ready to reach a wider audience.  It’s not easy to categorise Lilygun; there are a lot of diverse elements in the mix and they don’t really fit easily into any scene, so I’ll just try to tell you a bit about the song.

“Moonlight” opens with clinically clean guitar arpeggios followed by equally shiny single overlaid guitar notes, then a breathy, ethereal vocal.  From here onwards, the verse builds steadily towards  a chorus underpinned by the dirtiest, most distorted guitar sound this side of Swedish death metal; and then back to the clean sound again for the next verse.  It would be easy to fall into goth-by-numbers territory with this formula; the difference here is that it’s a great song and a very powerful vocal performance from Anna-Christina.  The song goes through another couple of cycles (echoing the cycles of the moon?) before winding down with a smattering of picked guitar notes reverberating into the distance.

As a single, “Moonlight” works; it’s dynamic and melodic and when it’s over you want to hear it again.  As a taster for the album, again, it works perfectly.  After hearing this, I can’t wait to hear the album and the live shows are looking like a pretty good bet as well.  And if you don’t want to take my word for it, you can watch and listen for yourself here “Moonlight” and find out more about the band here Lilygun.  Enjoy.

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