Weezer – Troublemaker single review

2 stars (out of 5)


Weezer - TroublemakerPopular Californian rock band Weezer are back with their sixth studio album, Weezer (The Red Album). The band has already had success with the new record with debut single ‘Pork and Beans’ proving a hit, and the latest single ‘Troublemaker’ is anticipated to do just as well.

I’ve never really been a huge fan of Weezer, but I’ve got to admit I do like some of their classics like ‘Buddy Holly’, ‘Beverley Hills’ and ‘Hash Pipe’, which got me quite looking forward to hearing their new stuff. Unfortunately I don’t think this song does Weezer justice compared to their past material.

From the start of ‘Troublemaker’ you can tell it’s a Weezer song, with a decent guitar introduction followed by the familiar vocals of lead man Rivers Cuomo, all mixed together with a steady if not spectacular beat. It’s not the start of the song that’s the problem, it’s the chorus. All the good Weezer songs have a catchy and dominating chorus, this one doesn’t. If anything I found the chorus repetitive and boring, with “I’m a troublemaker, never been a faker… I’m a troublemaker, not a double taker” played simultaneously over a dull melody. It’s a bit the same as past efforts, and not as good to be honest.

It’s not all negative though, I enjoyed the change of pace in the middle of the song, where a base guitar rhythm slows the pace down and is then meshed together with slower vocals and heavier drums to build back into the song, but unfortunately to lead back into the chorus.

Overall I think Weezer need to go back to the drawing board after this effort. It would be nice to see them go in a different direction and get out of their comfort zone, but I can’t see it happening. I’m sure Weezer fans will like the song, but I don’t see them gaining new support with songs like this.

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