Voodoo Six – Feed My Soul single review

4 stars (out of 5)


Voodoo Six - Feed My Soul‘Feed My Soul’ is the new single from heavy metal rockers Voodoo Six, who have already supported rock icons Iron Maiden, Metallica and Guns n Roses since forming in 2003. The band previously released their debut album in 2006, called ‘Feed My Soul’, but have now re-released it under a new name of ‘First Hit For Free’ after a record label change.

The opening of the track is great; a mesmorising solo guitar riff layered with punchy drums to boom into the song, it really works nicely. It’s a quite heavy sound as expected, but isn’t as thrust into your face as some of the bands of the same genre. Lead vocalist Henry Rundell makes his mark on the song with his strong and dominating voice, backed by neat drumming and random guitar riffs.

The chorus of ‘Feed My Soul’ is the best thing about the song, with Rundell’s voice to the fore and strong instrumentals in the background complimenting him perfectly. Voodoo Six certainly seem like they’d be a great live act, and when the song moves off into a brilliant guitar solo comparisons with one of the bands they cite as their heroes, Guns n Roses, spring to mind.

The single also comes with a bonus track, ‘Jam the Sun’, which is another nice little look into the bands talents. It’s a part acoustic version, which shows a softer sound to the band which many heavy bands struggle with; Voodoo Six however pass with flying colours. When the song does progress with the introduction of drums and more dominating guitars, it only helps to bring the song on and fits in like clockwork.

It’s really refreshing to see that Voodoo Six are actually a British Band, and I think they could go far. With a lot of music today sounding the same, this is a band that is different, and sounds more like the rock of the eighties. I’m not a big fan of heavy rock, but I’m definitely going to be listening around for more of Voodoo Six.

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