The All-American Rejects – The Wind Blows (single)

3 stars (out of 5)


After taking a break from the music scene to write their latest album, The All-American Rejects are back. “The Wind Blows” is their latest track from the band’s third album “When The World Comes Down”. The song is much more mellow approach than previous hits, such as “Move Along” and memorable “Dirty Little Secret”, which were both released in the band’s ‘hay-days’ during 2005.

The ‘rejects’ most recent single suggests a mature and melodious path in the band’s career. “The Wind Blows”is a song about a broken love. It’s repetitive and less upbeat than the likes of chart-topping “Gives You Hell”, which was the first single to be released from the American foursome’s new album.

Admittedly, the mainstream boys have done it again. Despite “The Wind Blows” not being as popular, people seem to like it, which keeps the momentum going for now.

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