People In Planes – Last Man Standing ( Edit ) / Pretty Buildings

4 stars (out of 5)


People in PlanesThis Welsh band began their career in reverse conquering the USA by releasing their highly acclaimed first album “ As Far As The Eye Can See ”. They are now returning home to the U.K with their distinctive brand of alternative rock and a new album.

“Last Man Standing ( Edit )” is a single from that new album, “Beyond The Horizon” and gives a good representation of the bands style, which is fairly eclectic. The songs beginning, is reminiscent of Radiohead’s more dirge-like tracks however this is only until the driving rhythm of the keyboards and percussion breaks in.

This beat fills the whole track with energy and coupled with some of the more atmospheric melodies creates a very pleasing effect that will have even the most reserved listener tapping their foot. A few great guitar licks later and with the edition of some excellent vocals you are left with what can only be described as a very, very good single.

“Pretty Buildings” is the next single from the new album and if “Last Man Standing ( Edit )” shows the more fast paced side of the band then this single is a much more haunting, ballad -style song. That is until about half way through when Peter Roberts lets loose a shredding guitar solo that really could “melt faces”.

For my money this track could, potentially be a stadium classic and so is my favourite of the two. People In Planes have toured with the likes of Filter and The Stereophonics and if they can reproduce the quality of their studio work on the live stage then these guys really could be the next big thing in the U.K. – for upcoming tour dates

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