Oasis – gig review – Cardiff International Arena

4 stars (out of 5)


OasisThis week I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite bands of all time, Oasis, perform live at the Cardiff International Arena, and boy

was I not disappointed.

The Manchester rockers have

been making sweet music since 1991, and are touring the UK in the wake of their seventh studio album ‘Dig out Your Soul’ which was released earlier this month.

I have always loved Oasis’ unique sound and have wanted to see them play for ages so when the chance of a ticket came up I jumped at the chance. The atmosphere at the CIA was electric if a little crazy, and plenty of beer was being thrown over the crowds by grown men who really should have known better, but all in all there was a very excitable buzz around.

Firstly the support act American band Alberta Cross came on to cheers from the crowd. However, after a couple of pretty average songs the audience had, had enough and the chants soon turned to ‘Oasis, Oasis’ instead. Not a bad performance from the band really, but none of the songs stood out for me and I just thought they sounded like a less decent version of Kings of Leon.

After about fifteen minutes of waiting with bated breath the lights suddenly came down and the crowd went wild. Now I’m a bit of a short ass at 5”3 but even I knew that this meant the Mancunian boys were making their way on to the stage. Not a man of many words front man Liam Gallagher pretty much just said ‘Hi’ and then the music started. The set list kicked off with the hard rock anthem ‘F*cking in the Bushes’ from their album Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (2000), followed by crowd pleaser ‘Rock N Roll Star’ from Definitely Maybe (1994). The boys were definitely trying hard and although they may not be too good at getting the crowd going with words the sheer effort of their playing more than made up for this,

and I can only praise them for this.

The song choice for the gig was fairly decent with about five or six tracks off the new album, including the new single ‘The shock of the Lightening’ and about fifteen golden oldies, including favourites ‘Wonderwall,’ a beautiful acoustic version of ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger,’ and electrifying hits ‘Morning Glory’ and ‘The Importance of being Idle.’ However, for me there were a couple of truly great classics missing which I would like to have heard like ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out,’ ‘Little By Little’ and the gorgeous ‘Stand by Me.’

Overall I though this was a brilliant gig and I really think the boys were on top form, and showing no signs of slowing down. What I found great was the age range of the fans watching, plenty of people in their 40’s who liked the band the first time round, and lots of teens who are just starting to get into their music. A lot of bands that have been around this long seem to fade away into a distant memory, but I think Oasis will only keep going harder and end up burning out bright.

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