Helen Boulding – Breathe – Single Review

4 stars (out of 5)


Helen BouldingSouth Yorkshire singer-songwriter Helen Boulding is a talented lady. Having previously supported Ronan Keeting, she has in recent years gone on to make a name for herself.

Critics often talk of her ‘soulful and evocative’ voice which really gets your emotions racing. Her lyrical tales she so skilfully weaves, are of a beautiful and intimate quality and are quite a unique sound.

Her single ‘Breathe’, taken from the album ‘new red dress’, has a certain ‘breathy’ quality to it and is a very accomplished, ‘grown up’ offering of pop rock.

Boulding acknowledges that she is inspired by singers from the seventies and describes her music as “modern day Carole King stuff.” Boulding’s new single clearly captures the essential essence of a big ballad and has the musical and song writing skills that many current female artists lack.

She is something of a breath of fresh air in an industry furiously replicating the loud-mouth-Lilly-Allen types. I am thankfully starting to tune out grating cockneys on the radio singing about ‘mawthwash’ and ‘new trainers’. Whilst Boulding isn’t mainstream enough yet to be a serious contender to eradicate the Allen’s and the Nash’s I get the distinct impression that she is a slow burner and the best is yet to some. Hopefully she can maintain her very high standard in future releases.


One Response to “Helen Boulding – Breathe – Single Review”
  1. Laura Dunnell says:

    I totally agree I hate Lilly Allen and her cockney whinging! Will download some of Helen’s music and see if it’s any good. Cheers!

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