Gallows – Lock-up Stage, Reading Festival 2007


The GallowsLast year it was Klaxons, the year before it was Arctic Monkeys, but this year it was Gallows turn to be the band that’s on a small stage at this years festival, that’s going to explode by next years festival. So it wasn’t surprising when, thinking we were being slick arriving at the Lock-up tent twenty minutes early, that several thousand other people had had the same idea.

Arriving on stage to the Imperial Death March from Star Wars it’s only a few seconds before Gallows guitars start growling and the carnage begins. Gallows aren’t exactly crowd shy. Front man Frank Carter begins the assault by launching himself fists first into the swarm.

From the edge of the tent Frank can just about be seen swimming across a sea of punches. Gallows thrive in terrorizing the crowd, tearing through their set causing mass scream-a-longs during “In the Belly of a Shark” and “Abandon Ship”.

“I wanna remember this shit for the rest of my life” yells Frank to the festival crowd “so I’m gonna get a fucking tattoo.” He isn-t messing around; a member of New Found Glory enters the stage with a tattoo gun in hand.

“I fucking mean right now”

Frank gets tattooed right on stage (a lock to represent the lock-up stage and seven dots for 2007) as the rest of the band play a quick instrumental set.

Gallows end their set with a storming performance of “Orchestra of Wolves” with Frank swimming across the crowd to climb the central support pole of the tent.

With younger brother and singer in Blackhole Rich Carter taking over vocals Frank freefalls back into the crowd.

Gallows are bringing Punk Rock screaming back up from the underground with a live show that has to be seen regardless of your musical preference.

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