Duffy – Stepping Stone

3 stars (out of 5)


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gn=”left” marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ style=”width: 120px; height: 240px”>It has to be said that is has been a pretty good year for singer song-writer Duffy. After the major success of

her second single ‘Mercy’ her music career is really starting to take off. The Welsh born singer is set to release her fourth effort from her best seller debut album ‘Rockferry’ titled ‘Stepping Stone’ and fans will be pleased to know Duffy is still rocking her unique style.‘Stepping Stone’ is a soulful and emotional tune with a hint of girl power thrown in for good measure. The verses which are sung in Duffy’s beautiful, soft, sultry tones are perfectly matched with the punchier chorus saying ‘I will never be a stepping stone.’ It is similar to her last song the very sweet heart tugging ‘Warwick Avenue’ but I preferred this song because it shows a racier, more independent side of the singer.Duffy has been compared to legend Dusty Springfield, and this new single shows that it is not only the similar name and signature blonde locks which they have in common. The song definitely has a sixties vibe to it, and at a time when singers and bands are experimenting with all the latest in high tech beats and sounds, it is refreshing to hear a song that is simply using the most original of talents – a decent voice.I wasn’t a massive fan of ‘Mercy’ which

really took off in the UK, rocketing up to number one in the charts, as I think it was severely over-played on the radio. However, after hearing other singles from the album, I must say that Duffy’s music is really starting to grow on me and I think she can only go from strength to strength. I think it might be nice for her to release another more upbeat song next, as although ‘Stepping Stone’ is great, I think she could fall into a pattern of slow and sad tunes. All in all I think this track is a good effort, though not her strongest, but will definitely do well in the charts.

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