Cling – Sonic Spells

4 stars (out of 5)


Sonic Spells - ClingFirst off, let me say I loved this CD. I won’t keep you guessing by giving a vague review. Sonic Spells is less along the lines of songs you’ll be humming on the bus and more of an ambient journey. There’s certain music you’ll sing along to, dance to, drum on your steering wheel to and then there’s the other type; Music that serves as background music, sleeping music or something to chill out to. Cling fall in to this category.

Right now it’s serving as great music to write to. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be less devoted to an artist because you regard them as providing ‘mood music’ though. They’re just less likely to inhabit your iPod and more suited to driving home to after a loud gig.

To give you an idea they run along the same lines as Leftfield and Portishead but less emphasis on the Trip-hop. They display similar moods to Sigur Ros but closer to dance music. Now I think I’ll stop embarrassing myself by trying to describe a sound. All I can say is for some reason i can smell incense burning.

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