Ann West – Missed It Again (Single)

1 stars (out of 5)


Ann WestDisgustingly pop. The kind of song you can predict after the first chorus. The lyrics are so vague it’s almost painful. It’s the kind of lyrics you’d get bored of writing after you’ve written your first few songs, which leads me to believe that this artist is either very new to this game, or extremely lazy.

Vague lyrics can work well to some extent because it allows the listener to apply their own story to the words but this is so generically pop that you wonder how she has the nerve to release this as a single without printing an apology letter on the sleeve.

Her bio reads like a speech from a miss world contest. “I am an avid environmentalist who cares about our planet and all life that lives upon it.” I do wonder if she’s trying to sell an image or her music. Her band is comprised of musicians who work with the likes of Robbie Williams and Sheryl Crow and she writes her songs with an award winning song writer. You simply cannot polish a turd.

I cannot believe it took three people to write this song.

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