Heaton attacks Morrissey


Paul Heaton Paul Heaton, formerly of the Beautiful South and Housemartins, has launched a scathing attack on Morrissey’s comments in the NME about how he refuses to live in the uk because of the “immigration explosion”.

Using his Myspace.com/PaulHeatonMusic blog, Heaton starts by asking the question “So Britain isn’t British enough for Morrissey anymore?”, before beginning his tirade.

Morrissey recently gave an interview with the NME magazine where he explained why he now lives in Rome, and how he feels the country has lost its way. “What the f*ck has it got to do with him? He doesn’t even live here, does he?” Heaton writes.

The singer, currently recording an album, explains how he feels things have changed for the better with reference to his own schooldays, where he saw at first-hand racism towards the only black boy in his class, contrasting how his young daughter is now in a friendly, multi-cultural school class. “Morrissey apparently longs for the class of ’77. Well it may not be ‘your’ Britain but it IS mine, so keep your nose out you peckerwood b*stard! “

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